FIFA 2003

FIFA 2003

This version of FIFA brought a couple of important innovations but nothing more
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FIFA is the soccer videogames saga, initiated by the company of Electronic Arts that brought as an interesting innovation the license of the FIFA and therefore, the license of real players and leagues.
The players that appear in the cover sheet of the game, depending on the zone in which be sold, are: Roberto Carlos, Ryan Giggs y Edgar Davids (main); Landon Donovan (United States), Lee Young-Pyo, Choi Sung-Kuk and Kim Tae-Young (South Korea).
This version of FIFA for sixth generation consoles brought important innovations, such as an improved game system which was the most realistic one to date, above all regarding entrances, high balls , etc.
Unfortunately, this version is quite poor in comparison to previous ones, specially regarding graphics, soccer players' faces and stadiums. There are only four cameras to watch the matches, and an extra one which is customizable. There is nothing new in the pre-match animations, the celebration of the goals, etc and this is also something that goes in detriment to the whole attractive of the game.
However, soccer fans can still have fun by imagining themselves in the feet of the world soccer stars and they can enjoy the free Demo which brings several features of the full game.

Mariano Delgado
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  • The innovations are good


  • Very poor graphics and too many repetitions
  • No longer officially supported
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